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Empowering women in business and life to live in the uniqueness of their gifts.

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Learning to Live Life with Purpose

A life-long health advocate and businesswoman, Leslie brings her signature warmth and humor to every presentation large or small. Audiences love her inspiring messages about learning to live life with purpose.


Leslie Chermak, Speaking & Training

Leslie is a heartfelt-leader, a visionary and storyteller and has the ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable change strategies.

Have you ever wondered what your gifts are? Do you feel your days pass by in a blur of wife/mom/career duties? Do you wonder what ELSE there is?

As Leslie rose through the ranks in her Network Marketing business, she realized she had a passion for mentoring women through the topics of mind, body, and purpose in order to help them find their “genius.” Knowing that God has designed each person uniquely, Leslie gives life-changing hope to women who are seeking balance and meaning.

She can be booked for conferences, workshops, and events. She is a perfect fit for:

  • Women’s events
  • Women’s church groups
  • Direct selling groups and conferences
  • Business success conferences
  • Moms’ groups and gatherings
  • Small business events

Signature Presentation: Live Out Loud with Purpose!

Leslie’s signature message inspires her audience and empowers them to recognize their true selves. The self that many women have forgotten about in their busy lives. She reminds how they have been uniquely designed to think the way they do because God created them. Through her engrossing presentation, she helps them realize their individual gifts and develop an action plan to find and expand their passions.

Leslie’s signature presentation, Live Out Loud with Purpose, is built to help others along their path. Key topic areas are:

  • Purpose: Finding your hearts purpose?
  • Presence: What is your mindset? How are you showing up?
  • Planning: How to fit this in your life and act on your new wisdom.

Speaking Topics

Throughout her presentations, Leslie weaves stories from her experiences as a wife, mother, and business owner. She brings encouragement and instruction that connects with and energizes her audience and helps them create lasting change.

Leslie’s other speaking topics include:

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Self-Discovery
  • Small Business Growth

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Healthy Living

Leslie Chermak, Healthy Living

Seems easier to say than do, right? What if you could make simple changes to transform your health in such a way that puts you on a healthier path? Let’s face it… as women we wear so many hats and some days our own health gets put to the wayside. Leslie has spoken to and guided hundreds of women on the topic of health and wellness, giving simple solutions for better health and better living they can implement right away.

Being healthy is not necessarily about how the outside looks but also the inside with your mind, spirit AND body. God has given us an amazing machine. We want to be able to perform to the best of our ability with strength and vitality!

One way Leslie supports her and her family’s nutrition is with Juice Plus+; fruits, veggies, berries and omegas in capsule or chewable form.  Contact Leslie if you want to learn more about these amazing whole foods or to learn more about joining her on this mission to take healthy back in our communities.

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Is this for you?

If you’re a woman who feels stuck, who’s tired of feeling tired and unhealthy, physically and emotionally, this is for you.

You KNOW you have unique gifts, you KNOW you have a larger purpose to serve in the world and you’re ready to make a change!

Leslie’s presentations and trainings are perfect for:

  1. Female Small Business owners looking to grow and succeed
  2. Women searching for their path who feel stuck and desire direction

Getting Personal: About Leslie

Leslie ChermakLeslie Chermak is a wife, a mom, and is passionate about encouraging women. She focuses on leading a life of mind, body, and purpose and helps others do the same. As a visionary, she loves being with people, creating a plan, and implementing that plan. In working with others, she supports women in creating their own vision and action plan to feel inspired and empowered to live a life with purpose.

Leslie has spent over 20+ years in the wellness industry and the latter half of that building a virtual wellness business where she’s had the opportunity to help her team grow and develop their businesses, as well as themselves. Prior to that, she rose to the top of a highly competitive and exclusive day spa in the Twin Cities, where she developed a nationally implemented training program. One could say leading and growing others is simply in her DNA!

Put simply, Leslie is a devoted Christian, wife, mother and loves people. She lives in Lake Elmo, Minnesota with her husband, Dave and their four children, Brooke, Drew, Jake and Kate. When not speaking or giving workshops, she loves spending time with her family and friends. Her love for the outdoors keeps her strong, healthy, and happy.

  • Leslie is a dynamic communicator with the ability to authentically connect to an audience or individual client. She empowers women to take steps forward both as a strategic, enthusiastic cheerleader as well as a professional coach.
    Kathrine Lee
    Creator of a faith-based personal development system, The Ultimate Source; founder of the non-profit, Pure Hope Foundation; author of a memoir, Interrupted
  • Leslie Chermak is a dynamic woman who wears many hats; wife, mother, business leader, motivational speaker and community volunteer. I have had the privilege of hearing her speak and train on many occasions. I recall one particular event where she lit up an auditorium of almost 4,000 people with her brilliance, passion and her ability to connect with her audience. Her energy is fabulous and she also able to be transparent and vulnerable which is why she is a sought after speaker. She has a great sense of humor and it's her greatest joy to impact lives in a powerful and positive way as she seeks to give God all the glory.
    Vicki Jensen
    National Marketing Director with the Juice Plus+ Company, Speaker and Trainer

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  • What are you doing in your quarantine time to stay sane?

  • Seriously, my towers bring me happiness!! I have 4 now with my new Home Tower recommended for indoor growing. 
Tune in tomorrow night to learn more about our revolution with our Tower Gardens! 
Oh and Kate and I will be demonstrating how you can use these for your in home science project.  I will post our video tomorrow!! 🥦🥒🥬🍅 #towergarden
  • This is as much for me as any woman who needs a gentle reminder today. 
I have to admit, this has been tougher than I thought.  I have more time on my hands and yet I feel like doing nothing!! Can you relate? 
So how do we change this around?  Keep focused on the blessings.  There is no fear in gratitude.  Remember, we CAN NOT have a negative thought and a positive thought at the same time.  Gratitude is the perfect antidote to get yourself in motion again; even if it is in a different way. 
What are you grateful for today?

  • NEW NORMAL?!?! Well today we had a family meeting, after waffles, bacon and online church. 👊🏻 We had to have a family meeting to discuss what we want this week to look like. -chores
-daily schedule -school time -media time
-no media time
-personal time -family time

When the kids were younger we homeschooled. So the older kids have an idea of what our short term ‘new normal’ will look like. 
I worked at home back then so I know what it will be like. One thing for sure that is true for me and every family right now; YOU GET WHAT YOU SCHEDULE!!!! 🤪

If I can encourage you at all..........get your activities and tasks scheduled! All the way down to everyone making their beds first thing when they get out of bed!!! #workfromhome 
  • This girl Brooke has saved me everyday this week!!! Most dinners are from this beauty. (I guess I taught her well!) 🤣🥰
🌾Use veggie broth instead of water when making Quinoa. Add parsley and salt when cooking. 🥦Sauté veggies. Add black beans ( or your choice) with a green salad. 🥒Cut veggies on the side. 

  • In just 1 WEEK our lives changed. It seems like a movie that is ree..aa..lly long.  And just when we think it can’t get worse, more developments occur. •
How do you cope? •
I have to look to the things I am grateful for and turn to the one who created me for a purpose. He is not done yet!! With me or you. This is the time to seek God out. Cry out to him. Shout out your anger, frustrations, doubt, fear, loneliness, confusion. It is also the time to seek him whole heartedly like a child who runs to their father. •
Yes we were made for more, but not without the one who created us. Talk to him. He will listen. .

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