Hello, Beautiful Woman!

I’m Leslie, and I just want to love on you for a minute, K?

You are AMAZING. You are astounding, in fact, made with deep purpose and created for joy. You’ve accomplished so many good things.

Take a minute to remember how far you’ve come, beautiful. Breathe deep. You have brought so much joy and value to this world, and to your family. I am proud of you. I am proud of all of us!

Leslie Chermak

But perhaps you’re entering a new stage of life and looking for the next adventure.

Or maybe you’re simply craving something MORE, am I right?

Do you feel like perhaps you’d like to:

Make a bigger impact in the world?

Get back in touch with who you are and what you were made to do?

And maybe, just maybe, if you’re being totally honest with yourself, you’re also hoping to feel:

It’s okay! I completely understand, (and I absolutely like to feel spoiled once in a while too!!). After all, you’ve spent years of your life taking care of others…maybe it’s time for a little something to focus on that’s just for YOU.

Leslie Chermak

Take a minute and reflect, Friend. How would it feel if your life included more of these things:

  • More calm, purpose, and joy.
  • The opportunity for deeper community in your life.
  • Personal growth opportunities to fuel you to use your gifts and talents more fully.
  • A sense of knowing you are deeply valued and appreciated.
  • The tools to bring in more money — to help out your family, save for the future, or just add a vacation or two!
  • A better sense of control over your health — even as you age (slowly and wildly healthily)!
  • Freedom with your time and resources so that you can serve and give back when and where you’d like.

It would feel AMAZING, right, beautiful woman? It does feel amazing!!!!

Here’s the raw, wonderful truth, Friend.

These things don’t have to be pipe dreams.

You don’t have to resign yourself to getting by or wondering if you missed out on something else.

You are NOT too far along in your journey to add more adventure or write a new story.

Are You Ready? Let’s Connect!

Leslie Chermak

Did you hear that? You didn’t miss out. You are right where you need to be.

These dreams can be for YOU.

When you make intentional choices to cultivate a more fulfilling, healthier, energizing life; to grow, to learn, to invest your time and money in things that will create ease and joy in your life, you’ll slowly but surely reap what you sow.

You will find new adventure and deeper satisfaction in doing what you were made to do.

I know this because this is the journey I’ve been on personally. I am a humble example of what is possible!

I’m going to be honest and get excited for just a minute; I love my life! I dreamt of this life when I was younger and I’m living it to the fullest now!

My life is fun and exciting, and I feel so very blessed.

I started out dreaming big early in my life. It took years to find who I really was while developing myself in several jobs, positions, and motherhood. Not feeling good enough has always loomed in my soul, forcing me to keep going, keep digging, and fighting those inner lies.

Leslie Chermak

I spent years nurturing my littles to grow into who God wanted them to be and it was worth every minute. At the same time I was developing the woman I am today. Now that they’re older and more capable I’ve been able to pour into my own life with greater capacity. With a sense of peace, a sense of one stage of life well-lived, and another amazing stage always on the brink of new excitement and adventure.

I have:

And I have FREEDOM.

Financial freedom, the freedom to travel with my husband and see the world, the freedom to choose how I show up and make an impact using my gifts and talents!

And you know how I want to use my gifts and talents, Friend?

Pouring into you.

I was made to encourage, to mentor, to nurture, to fuel YOU. I can think of no better purpose than being able to lift up fellow women and remind you that there is MORE for you too!

Leslie Chermak, Speaking

I believe so very deeply that you were created with deep purpose and you can step into that too!

  • You can overcome the stress or doubt that might be stopping you from doing something new.
  • There is a place for you to live life more fully, with deeper satisfaction all around.
  • You are right where you need to be to make more impact in the world.
  • New opportunities are available to you, if you’re ready to dream big and take action.

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How Can I Help You with This?
What’s the “secret?”

When you’re fueled with inspiration, wisdom, truth, and encouragement…
and when you choose to implement new habits, lifestyle elements, and opportunities in your life…everything can change. Little by little, choice by choice, layer upon layer, like a wonderful, beautiful layered cake. Body, mind, soul, and purpose.

I live these skills and I pass them on, providing opportunities for women like you to soar in more than one way:

But those things I do — they don’t matter at the moment. Right now, let’s just talk about YOU.

Leslie Chermak

  • Are you ready for something new on the horizon?
  • Are you ready to feel freedom and purpose too?
  • Are you ready to courageously step into your purpose in a deeper way?
  • Are you ready to say goodbye to stress, fear, loneliness, or lack of purpose?
  • Do you simply need to connect with someone who sees you for more than what you do, but for who you are and who you were made to be?
  • Do you want to chat with someone who gets your big dreams and desire for more?

I’d so genuinely love to chat with you. No strings attached — and I mean that.

I’d love to walk you through whatever you’re going through and see if I can help. I’d be so happy to jump on a 30-minute call with you and listen to your story and hear your heart!

It’d mean so much to me to get to value you in this way and affirm what I already know… you have gifts and talents that the world needs.

Let’s talk, woman to woman, mom to mom, friend to friend, K?

Leslie Chermak

Are You Ready? Let’s Connect!

Let’s clear something up, driven woman. I am not all that different from you.

I love sitting quietly by the window, drinking my coffee, and soaking in the goodness of God. I adore being out on the water, boating with my husband and kids, or taking a bike ride on a nature-strewn path.

I still struggle with comparison. I wonder if I’m enough.

I aim to make healthy meals, but sometimes fail. I find joy in teaching my youngest life’s lessons and soak in all her snuggles. I feel the tug and pull of letting the older ones who have left the nest spread their wings.

I set big goals. I sometimes fail to meet them and question what I’m doing.

Then I remind myself of my WHY, and I dive back into my purpose.

Leslie Chermak

I chose this life. I designed it. I still choose daily to cultivate this life I love. To deepen the character that I desire and to grow the business I’ve found so much joy in.

To bring FUN into my life!

I’ve paved this purpose-driven trail, that is amazingly often strewn with adventure and vacation, little splurges and big ones, exciting moments and quiet ones.

I have seen some big successes, big goals, and big dreams come true.

And, beautiful woman, I want that for you too! Life is not all happy adventures and we all face hard things, but you can find deeper purpose, deeper joy, and more ease.

I want you to be free of financial stress.

I want you to dream big and see your dreams come to fruition.

Be Honest for a Minute.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You have been home with the kids but they’re getting older; you’re longing for new purpose, to be part of something bigger. You value freedom but want to use your gifts and talents in a bigger way too.
  • You have been working outside the home but are feeling restless — maybe your job just isn’t challenging you anymore or providing the flexibility you want and need. You’re afraid to let go of the job security, but deep-down hope for something different.
  • You know somewhere inside you there is a leader, someone who wants to inspire others. You’re just not sure how to step up and do that yet.
  • Leslie Chermak

  • You are longing for deeper connections, for a community of likeminded women — other women to bounce your crazy off of too!
  • You want to travel more and bring more fun into your life since the kids are getting older. You want to say YES to more family vacations or local adventures without money or time stress.
  • You’re longing to go to the next level in life, wellness, and adventure, and feel younger, healthier, and more energetic than you do now.
  • You are a go-getter looking for what’s next to fuel passion, adventure, and freedom in your life. You’re an action-taker and know the right path is out there for you, but you could use some help figuring out what that is.

If any of those describe you, I’d so genuinely love to pour into your life!

Let’s talk about your goals (it’s safe to dream big with me!) or your struggles (I feel you there too, Friend).

My heart gets excited about the possibility of helping you cultivate a life you love…

  • A life without financial stress
  • A life with new adventures
  • A life of feeling healthy and energetic
  • A life of feeling purposeful and deeply valued
  • A life of community and friendships
  • A life of balance, with less stress, more time, and more joy
  • A life of living big and joyfully and intentionally – body, mind, and soul

…even if it’s just one baby step at a time.

Let’s Connect!

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Listen up though, K?

Here’s the HARD THING you might need to hear right now; the difference between wildly successful, content, joyful, adventurous women isn’t that they have it all together and you don’t.

It’s simply action.

They took action.

It’s that they leaned into an opportunity or a goal, they chose one step forward (even in fear or doubt) and did the next thing.

Leslie Chermak

They are doers. They are not sitting back and waiting for life to change. They are throwing their heart into something and moving forward — even when it feels intimidating or new.

You, beautiful woman, can be a DOER. You can take wild, joyful action today. Read a new book, write down those goals, dream big about a life with financial freedom or a life where you step into being who you were made to be.

You can start right now, this very second, by booking a call with me.

Give yourself the gift of being sparked and ignited by the passion I have that overflows from me!

Let me be a catalyst for you…even if it’s just on this one call.

Leslie Chermak

I was made to encourage, to inspire, and to pour into women’s lives, and it would be an honor to get the chance to pour into yours. So, if you’re feeling a tug…let’s do this!

Let’s have a phone conversation coffee chat. No strings attached. No commitment to working with me down the road. Simply you, being brave, taking action, choosing to pamper yourself a little by putting your life’s desires out there for just a minute.

If it feels like the right fit after our call, I might tell you about some of the ways I mentor women. But not before truly diving deep into who you are and what you have to bring to the world first. Not before hearing your dreams and desires and giving you some guidance and direction, friend to friend, K?

There is nothing to be intimidated by or afraid of. There is only possibility. There is only genuine love for who you were made to be, and the excitement of getting to see you shine.

Let’s Connect!

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So, what are You Dreaming of, Beautiful Woman?

  • Finding a new role to fall in love with where you’re making a deep impact?
  • Taking vacations with your husband or loved ones?
  • Hiring a housekeeper or chef?
  • Transforming your wellness story and feeling younger than you did 5 years ago?
  • Feeling confident and strong and stepping up to inspire others?
  • Letting go of the past and moving forward with what the future has for you?
  • Finally taking time to pamper yourself a little after serving your family for so long?
  • Feeling like you’re using your core purposes and doing what you were made to do?

These are AMAZING Dreams, beautiful friend.

But they don’t have to be simply dreams.

They can be real goals, with action-steps curated to get you there.


I have seen these dreams come to life in women I have worked with over and over again.

Leslie Chermak

The stories of renewed health with a few simple tweaks amaze me.

The stories of cultivating courage, finding community, and stepping up to leadership roles de-light my heart.

The stories of watching women get to take their first vacation or make a big splurge are blessings that make me overflow with joy.

If you are feeling stressed, lonely, neglected, in transition, like you’re wondering what’s next, you don’t have to.

Don’t settle. You have this one life on earth to live. I want to see you thrive vibrantly!

Leslie Chermak

To thrive though, you have to take baby steps now. I feel 100% confident that you can do that. After all, deep down you’re a big dreamer, a leader, a woman of values, and you’re ready for change.

You’re ready for more!

Let’s do this already, K? Let’s have a coffee chat! I’m excited to listen, to talk about all-the-things and then some, and see if I can ignite a little something new in you today or send some encouragement your way!

No risk. No strings attached. Nothing to be intimidated by. Only hope and new possibilities. The blessing of a few moments of escape with a likeminded friend.

You, my go-getter friend, are ready for MORE!

And I’m so excited to help!!

With Joy & Purpose,

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Let’s Connect!

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